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Allison Thurman is an interior decorator and artist who began her career in retail as a personal shopper for a major department store, dressing her clients, building up their wardrobes and creating beautiful gifts and basket arrangements for their family and friends. Her artistic flair for color and design led to her being asked by many of them to also help decorate their homes. So, having long possessed an interest in the design of interiors, she left personal shopping to pursue interior decorating. 


In addition to interior design, where her work has been featured on HGTV, Allison is an accomplished decorative painter. A very prolific and award winning artist, she also creates murals and fine art in a number of styles, using a varied of media, on any surface, in any subject.


With stints in theater and film as a decorative painter, set dresser, and makeup artist, Allison equates well decorated interiors to well dressed individuals: the furniture is the apparel, the paint is makeup, the lighting is the jewelry, and the accessories are. . . the accessories!




Furniture, accessories, decorative painting, surface appliques, floral design

Art by Allison


                      When You Want An "Interior Masterpiece"!




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